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Residential and Commercial Demotion Services

Match Grade and Excavation is a demolition company that Ontario residents and businesses have relied on for many years. We have a strong and reliable reputation for providing the best quality service at a fair price within the time frame you expect.

Every customer we meet is different, so we tailor our plan to find your solution. From home demolition to complete building demolition, our services are provided for everyone in need, from commercial demolition to retail demolition.

Whether it is a small arch or a multistorey building, our team is an expert in demolishing buildings and structures. With many years of industry experience, we are sure to provide reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective services.

We are proud not only in being the comprehensive demolition solution of Simcoe County buildings but also in internal and external demolition projects throughout Ontario. We know that construction projects can be stressful, costly, and time-consuming. At Match Grade and Excavation, we make your demolition experience as easy as possible.

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A Complete Demolition Service in Simcoe County

We Have A Wide Range of Experience in All Areas Of Demolition

As a reliable and respected demolition company in Simcoe county, we have extensive experience and technology to provide demolition services to those in need.

When considering a demolition, you require a professional demolition company that follows environment-friendly processes while offering you the professional expertise with your partial or complete demolition.

We recommend the best solution only after a complete site and environmental analysis. After the project is done, we ensure to remove any vegetation, aggregate, or rubble, so that we deliver a site that is ready for construction.

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Commercial Demolition

We carry out all forms of commercial demolition from warehouses to striping off office spaces. We can accommodate commercial demolition jobs of any size. Whether it is to renovate an office or renovate every floor of an office building. You can rely on us to complete any commercial demolition work.

Residential Demolition

In the residential space, no project is too small. We can demolish a yard shed, toilet, and single room or a complete house demolition. It’s as simple as calling us on the phone or sending us a message.

Retail Demolition

No matter where the location is, we can get the job done. In retail, we can get in and out quickly and efficiently. After every project shift, we will not leave any traces.

Our Demolition Approach

How We Keep Delivering Excellent Demolition Services Every time.

Match Grade and Excavation has a strong and reliable reputation in handling and executing demolition and is a team you can rely on. If the demolition is to be done by experts, you can trust our team.

Provide Perfect Results.

Our goal is to provide tailor-made, high-quality, and reliable demolition services for your property within the required time frame while proposing an affordable budget from the beginning of operations.

A Tailor-made Plan for You.

We will build a strong blueprint around your requirements from the beginning of the demolition plan. We will strictly follow the plan to ensure you get the results you need.  At the same time, you will feel at ease and relaxed, knowing that you will get what you need in the time frame and price you need.

Recycle and Waste Removal.

We evaluate the property materials during the planning process and prepare for them during the demolition process. After the project is completed, we will remove all materials and recycle them in a certified landfill. You don’t have to worry about any garbage or materials left; we will take care of them.

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