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Creative Landscaping Designs and Maintenance

Your entryway makes the first impression, and we provide the service and design that helps you make this first impression a great one.

We offer creative designs for garden bed development, outdoor staging, retaining wall construction, etc. We can completely transform your area into a beautiful, sophisticated, and comfortable landscape.

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Landscaping Excavation Services

Landscape Design and Build

The Joy of a Beautiful Yard

What you get when you invest in a quality landscaping service is a joy beyond measure. There is the pronounced instantaneous aesthetic effect it has on your home. The immediate emotional pull that your home gains.

You have seen all those beautiful homes that are used as the covers of lifestyle magazines. Most don’t realize that such houses’ beauty is not just a function of the brick and cement – after-all, there isn’t much variation in the designs of most homes.

But a simple, well-developed lawn or yard would immediately transcend an average looking house to a majestic, royal court.

And that is what we do with our landscaping services at Match Grade and Excavation.

We go beyond the grasses and the shrubs. We are not satisfied with just building elegant flower beds; we aim to develop a design that will uplift your home’s entire aura.

We work on maximizing the atmosphere, lighting, and topography and aiming to enhance your property’s natural theme, including the rocks, water, and even landform: Grading, cutting and filling where necessary.

A lawn and yard that will be a mirror of your taste and sophistication at first glance. Without you having to speak a word.


A Scenery You can Finally be Proud of

How We Achieve these Excellent Results?

Our landscaping services have left the jaws of both passersby and visitors of our past clients dropping. We can do the same for you. We excel at transforming a regular house or building into a replica heavenly landscape.

Transforming the ordinary into something magnificent. Beautiful yards that look heavenly do not happen by accident. They are the result of carefully planned and well-executed design.

In-Depth Survey

We start by having a look around your area. As a specialist in Ontario’s southern region, we have a detailed understanding of the region’s landscape and topography. Our past clients have been from all over Simcoe County, Innisfil, Barrie, New Tecumseth, Creemore, Mulmur, Oro, Orillia. Even extending to our neighbors in York, Muskoka, and other areas.

Our in-depth experience with the terrain, landform, and water bodies become a considerable asset to designing your dream lawn.

Coming up with a Unique Concept for Your Property

Once we have completed the survey, we like to have a conversation with our clients. To have a heart-to-heart and discover your intentions for your lawn, yard, or patio.

We help you sculpt a more defined blueprint and advice you on the organizations and arrangements that work best for your properties. These we can do based on data gathered during our survey.We then create an iconic concept that will be unique, only to your home.

Immaculate and Timely Execution

You can rest easy, leaving the execution to us. We deliver a hundred percent on every one of our projects. Working seamlessly on a schedule where you need work done urgently.

We utilize the latest equipment and employ highly experienced workers who value their work’s aesthetic features just as much as its functionality.

Natural, yet Elegant Landscape Designs

Unlike yards that appear to be “trying too much,” our concepts and designs have a natural aura. We bring you not only a better-looking environment but a healthier one, with a refreshing atmosphere.

We help you make the best of whatever you have based on your budget—always aiming to deliver nothing but the best.

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