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Looking for a septic design for your construction project shouldn’t be a dreadful task.  Match Grade Excavation provides commercial septic installation, residential septic installation, and institutional septic installation. So, it does not matter what your project size is, our team can deliver on your requirements.

Our design and installation process is guided by certified industry-standard. We start by:

  1. Identifying soil type
  2. Analyzing the topography
  3. Analyzing unique site requirements
  4. Check for Limitations to replacing or modifying your on-site sewage system.

By carrying out all of these steps, we leave no room for errors and eliminate all leg work.

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Septic Systems
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Professional Expertise & Customer Service

Our goal is to offer you our professional expertise and exceptional customer service that makes the choice of design and installation for septic systems simpler.

We offer complete service to all septic systems. Our comprehensive solutions include analyzing the soil, your area, and analyzing any restrictive layers of soil that may hinder the flow of water.

Our suppliers are leading septic manufacturers who produce septic tanks capable of treating water waste of high volumes and neutralize pathogens and pollutants to disinfect the water before discharging it.

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Plastic Septic Tank

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Septic Tanks Repair and Replacement Service

Is your septic tank performing well?

If you have a bad smell or water above the drain, it indicates that there is a problem with your septic tank system. Depending on the cause of the problem, you may decide whether to repair or replace the system.

A septic system that needs to be replaced may contaminate the groundwater with bacteria and viruses. It is vital to have professional septic field installers check any warning signs as soon as possible.

Our experienced technicians at Match Grade & Excavation have the knowledge and expertise to handle all replacements of a faulty septic system.

What Causes Septic Tanks to Malfunction?

  1. Physical damage
    Physical damage can cause a septic system to malfunction. Physical damage can be caused when a septic solution is built in the wrong place. For example, building a driveway or paving over a septic system can cause significant issues in the long run. The pipe and tank may be crushed due to accidental or repeated abuse. Another cause of physical damage can be poor curbing and concrete work from the septic system services you used.
  2. Poor Design and Installation
    Some septic tank systems may fail due to incorrect design or poor maintenance. Soil-based systems with drainage areas may be installed in areas with insufficient soil or high groundwater levels. This can cause contamination of nearby water sources or total septic system failure.
  3. Flushing foreign objects or chemical
    It is essential to watch what is flushed into the drain. This is because any foreign matter that enters the septic tank must be pumped out. Foreign matter poured into the drain cannot be decomposed naturally, which may cause blockage and even complete system damage.

To avoid this situation, do not pour oils, grease, fats, toxic chemicals, and other foreign objects down the drain. Throw them in the trash can.

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